Horses are more than a muse.  They are endless inspiration and my best memories.


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This is Kahaba's Frst Dressage Test.  He is the love of my horse life.  There is something inspired by Kahaba in every horse I paint.  

All this Connemara stallion wanted was to be touched.  My reluctant Mama gave in and sure enough he didn't bite.  She definitely wouldn't have touched him if he wasn't so stunning!  That precious face brought joy to my heart.

I can't identify this pair, but they were inspiring at Rocking Horse Eventing a couple of winters ago.  I know that the rider trains for the love of the sport and she thinks is is worth it to risk life and limb jumping over hard objects while galloping, but, I think she is really here for my inspiration!  I call this Sprinkled-Not Immersed.  It is available.

I call this painting Roughstock Royalty.  It is inspired by a photo I took in a somewhat restricted area behind rodeo grounds, where the bucking horses were kept.  This guy was stunning.  He had the face of experience and a body that was, although a bit furry, as beautiful and athletic as any sport horse I have ever seen.  I have several paintings inspired by roughstock photos.  I always manage to take a couple before they escort me out of the area!  


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